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The Legend Of The "Whiskey Brown" Diamonds

Like a special old good whiskey the “whiskey brown” diamonds are Preserved and chosen by the great experts, each diamond is marked with its own serial number which is engraved on the diamond And it’s unique only to this diamond, the best jewelry designers in the world are setting the diamonds in fine gold in an elegant and luxury modern look for you and for him.
For the “whiskey brown” diamonds like the scotch are a yellow & brown color like the 15-21 years old scotch.
and orange & brown like 25-40 years old.

300 px

"WB" Serial Number

Look for the “WB” Inscription on the Diamond !

Each diamond receives its own private serial number that was engraved on the diamond and written on the certificate.





Look for the original diamonds of  whiskey brown only ! to make sure it’s the authentic diamond.
You can search and locate the information of each diamond according to the serial number here

I assure you the best quality which was chosen by the most experts in the luxury market -Just wear top style.

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